» About Rebekah’s

Why do we care about feeling good and being comfortable? Why not just pop a pill for a quick fix? What is the real cause behind the pain in our body? Why do our neck and shoulder muscles feel tight? Could it be the weight of the world is carried there?

It’s called Life.

In our daily lives we tend to just go, go, go and think nothing of it. We are required to be everything to everybody and do everything for everyone. We feel the pressure from, work, kids, slow traffic, deadlines, lack of money, peers, relatives, pets, vehicles, home, and the list goes on and on. Our lives are scheduled down to the last minute and we are required to adapt quickly to cancellations, rescheduling, overlapped activities, and unannounced and unplanned events. It is overwhelming. Sound familiar? It is called “LIFE”, a world where we are required to take a breath of air. Unfortunately, this system and schedule takes quite a toll on our bodies. But who has time for a stroll in the park, a massage, a nap, or to write in a diary? Time to relax? It must be scheduled in. It is sad that we have to plan to relax and take time for ourselves. If we don’t, our bodies will physically shut down.

Wow, that feels good!

Rebekah’s was created to provide a little bit of comfort into one’s day. A moment is taken to say, “Wow, that feels really good!” And oh, it smells good too!” As a mother I knew I had to do something about the tension I carried in my neck and shoulder muscles. I found heat was a good thing, but I couldn’t fix dinner, vacuum, or tend to a toddler’s needs with a heating pad on my shoulders attached to an electrical outlet. The cord was too short and the pad kept falling off. And why doesn’t somebody make a heating pad that goes into a car adapter? I am forced to sit still while driving to soccer/baseball/football/whatever practice? A good driving manual requires you to be a “relaxed driver” right? I know “Mom’s” are not the only ones who feel the pull in every direction. People of every age and gender living in the modern chaotic world are taxed with the stress of life.

If Mom Is Happy, Everyone Is Happy!

When the Aromatherapy Neck Pillows were created, I almost felt guilty about the pleasures it brought. I could feel the warmth just melting the tight tension-filled muscles in my shoulders and around my neck. And the aroma took me back to a place in my memory of a pleasurable time, before “life” happened. My family noticed “Mom” was happier. We all know the saying, “If Mom is happy, everyone is happy.” It is almost crazy how a little soft, warm, fuzzy, wonderful smelling object not only changed my life in a little, way, but those I came in contact with! All I could think of was sharing this with my friends and family and then all the millions of people this simple Neck pillow could help. I want to bring that comfort and all the benefits therein to YOU!